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8 Essential Tips for Keeping Blonde Hair Bright

We want our blonde bright, sunny and vibrant without having to hit the hairdressers (and your bank balance) every 6 weeks. It’s not too much to ask; here are 8 easy ways to get more blonde for your buck.


1. Wash Your Hair Less

Essentially washing your hair is what causes colour to fade the most, so get to grips with dry shampoo. Top tip: apply some at night so it absorbs oil as you sleep.


2. Use A Blonde Formula

When you invest in your next dry shampoo make it one for blondes. These formulas have a hint of colour that will revitalise your locks and help blend in any root re-growth.


3. Choose Colour-safe Shampoo

Don’t underestimate the claims ‘colour safe’ shampoos and conditioners make – they work! Only stick to fade-fighting formulas or you’ll be washing money down the drain.


4. End With A Cool Rinse

Everyone can benefit from this trick. Simply finish your wash with cool water which works to close the hair cuticles, reducing fade and promoting shine.


5. Try A Purple Toner For Brassiness

If you notice your blonde going brassy, alternate your colour-safe shampoo with a purple one, intended for hair colour-correction. The lilac counteracts orange therefore acting as an effective toner.


6. Counteract Chlorine With Ketchup

If you’re a swimmer you might notice your blonde hair can develop a green tinge. Remedy this with a tomato ketchup mask, left on for 20 minutes. The red neutralises the green, leaving locks true-blonde again.


7. Wash Your Hair With Beer

Another hair hack from your kitchen: A blend of beer and lemon juice coating your tresses while you sit in the sun will brighten your blonde a treat.


8. Reflect The Light With Shine Spray

Shine sprays have light reflecting particles which can help illuminate your hair. Make a mist of this your last step when styling to add brilliance to your blonde.

This post originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.