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November 4, 2018
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November 21, 2018
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Winter Hair Color Trends 2019

What’s cooler than being cold? Trying a winter 2019 hair color trend. Dyeing your hair won’t transport you to a tropical island, but it can fix your flat, static-y hat hair. Hear us out: Winter’s hair color trends are so gorgeous, they’ll make you want to ditch your beanie — even if it means feeling a little more chilly for three months.

For platinum blondes who think their color is a little too icy, warm things up with a bright, golden shade. If you’re a brunette, update your color by switching to a rich chestnut brown.

Here, the only five hair colors worth trying for winter 2019.

Blended Roots

Yes, being too lazy to get your roots touched up is now officially one of winter’s biggest hair color trends. The key is to get highlights that aren’t far from your natural base color so that there isn’t too much of a contrast once they’re grown out. #KaleyCuoco

Flannel Red

In 2019, flannel red isn’t just the color of your dad’s favorite weekend shirt. It’s the name of one of this winter’s trendiest hair colors. The look is perfect for blondes that want to usher in the cold weather by warming up their hair color. #EmmaStone

Cold Brew

It might be winter, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your cold brew — at least when it comes to your hair color. The fall color trend is still going strong this season. #DakotaJohnson

Creamy Blonde

If you’re over the high maintenance of being platinum, consider ditching your icy blonde for a warm, creamy shade like #KaleyCuoco or #JenniferLopez.

Rich Brunette

Brunette colors like #EmilyRatajowski warm chestnut are super popular during winter months. When the temperatures drop, it’s a signal to deepen and richen up your hair color.

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